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I have been fortunate enough to work on some exceptional projects, both directly with clients from the ground up, as well as with media consultants or graphic designers. Beyond just providing photography, I have also designed several websites which have given me a more comprehensive approach to meeting a client's needs, with regards to how my services are applied. Be it content for a website, commercial or stock images for brochures and proposals, or even social media engagement; different applications require different styles of photography. I believe both my experience in the field of construction as well as photography, have given me a truly unique skill set meeting the needs of my clients. Below are just a few examples of how my work has been applied

Burke Electric LLC

I created this entire website for Burke Electric, an electrical contractor based out of Bellevue, WA. I provided all of the design, copy, and 99% of the photography. 

Home Page SCREENSHOT.jpg

Green Builders LLC

I created this entire website for Green Builders, a residential contractor based out of Mape Valley, WA. I provided all of the design, copy, and photography. 

A Little Something More

As well as photography and and the occasional website design, I do provide copywriting services. See some examples of my work below

Email and Product Descriptions

Short, sweet and attention grabbing - I have also provided short-form copy advertising and product descriptions for various businesses from sustainable clothing brands to building cleaning services. 

Gamble Sands.jpg

The Walk

This is a long-form piece I wrote purely from inspiration after a golf trip I took in 2021. Spoiler alert: It's not even really about golf.

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