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Hi. I'm Katie.

With more than 7 years behind the camera, I bring a unique perspective to photography that seamlessly merges technical expertise with artistic creativity. I'm a photographer who believes in customer satisfaction above all else, offering a dynamic approach that guarantees stunning results. And guess what? We'll have a blast while capturing your most precious moments, because a laid-back and fun atmosphere is the foundation of my photography sessions.

But my artistic skills don't stop there. Off-camera, I thrive on exploring various artistic mediums, and this creativity extends to every project, as I seek innovative angles, experiment with lighting techniques, and add imaginative elements to create truly captivating images. I approach each session with an open mind, ready to adapt my style to match your vision and preferences.

When I'm not wearing my photographer "hat", I am a wife, mom, gardener, golfer, copywriter, jazz vocalist, avid pressure-washer, and french-bulldog lover. I love the stage, and I love getting my boots dirty. I have a Bachelors's in Music Composition from Central Washington University, I always tip at least 20%, and I am in the business of people taking care of people. I am the most organized, efficient, high-strung, and notwithstanding (but most importantly) laid-back creative you will ever meet. I genuinely get along with pretty much everyone and have never met a four-letter word I didn't like.

But don't just take my word for it. Check out what my clients have to say about me
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