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Hi. I'm Katie.

With more than 7 years behind the camera, I bring a unique perspective to photography that seamlessly merges technical expertise with artistic creativity. I'm a photographer who believes in customer satisfaction above all else, offering a dynamic approach that guarantees stunning results. And guess what? We'll have a blast while capturing your most precious moments, because a laid-back and fun atmosphere is the foundation of my photography sessions.

But my artistic skills don't stop there. Off-camera, I thrive on exploring various artistic mediums, and this creativity extends to every project, as I seek innovative angles, experiment with lighting techniques, and add imaginative elements to create truly captivating images. I approach each session with an open mind, ready to adapt my style to match your vision and preferences.

When I'm not wearing my photographer "hat", I am a wife, mom, gardener, golfer, copywriter, jazz vocalist, avid pressure-washer, and french-bulldog lover. I love the stage, and I love getting my boots dirty. I have a Bachelors's in Music Composition from Central Washington University, I always tip at least 20%, and I am in the business of people taking care of people. I am the most organized, efficient, high-strung, and notwithstanding (but most importantly) laid-back creative you will ever meet. I genuinely get along with pretty much everyone and have never met a four-letter word I didn't like.

But don't just take my word for it. Check out what my clients have to say about me



Expertly capture the beauty and craftsmanship of your architectural marvels, showcasing the interplay of form, function, and elegance that make your projects truly extraordinary. With an unrivaled eye for detail and a passion for capturing the unique details of your construction projects, trust Katie Morton Photography to deliver breathtaking visual narratives that tell the story of your creations.


I am a photographer specializing in construction and architectural photography. I have been a photographer since 2016, and hold 10 years of experience working in construction for a wide variety of federal, state, and local municipalities across the United States. I now service a wide variety of clients in varying industries including construction, commercial, real estate, and marketing. I use my dynamic range of skills, knowledge, and experience in these industries to capture photos from an application-based approach (i.e. project write-up, internal and external circulation, social media and press release, etc.)by considering the overall scope, personnel, and magnitude of a project.


Do you ever go on a website and say to yourself: "These photos simply don't do that project any justice". Well, that's what I do - I help clients capture photos that do justice to the quality and magnitude of the work they provide.


Strengths & Advantages

  • Ability to communicate with a wide variety of clients with various needs

  • Dynamic skill set spanning multiple applications (commercial, real estate, marketing, construction & more)

  • Flexibility in scheduling as a sole proprietor

  • Certified Woman Owned Small Business registered in a multitude of agencies (see 'At A Glance')

Unique Qualities

  • A decades worth of first hand experience in the construction industry

  • Ability to understand and differential trades, project scope, and liability when photographing a jobsite

  • Knowledge, safety, and comfortability photographing in a construction environment

  • An artistic background combined with a passion for construction creates a distinctive stylistic approach

At A Glance


711510, 541921, 541922, 561990



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