Hi. I'm Katie.

I am a photographer, copywriter, jazz vocalist, wife, mom, gardener, golfer, and french-bulldog lover. I pride myself on being just as comfortable on a stage, or in a board room as I am on a construction site. Aside from photography, I spent 10 years working in the construction industry, which I believe in many ways shaped the kind of photographer I wanted to become - someone who remains curious and in awe of the magnitude and culmination of what people can do. I believe perspective is everything, and my curiosity for life has made me fearless of trying just about anything in an effort to gain it; it's probably why I have also worked in retail, restaurants, bars, salons, spas, law offices, and don't forget one robust holiday season as a package delivery helper for UPS. I have a Bachelors's in Music Composition from Central Washington University, I always tip at least 20%, and I am in the business of people taking care of people. I am the most organized, efficient, high-strung, and notwithstanding (but most importantly) laid-back creative you will ever meet. I genuinely get along with pretty much everyone and have never met a four-letter word I didn't like.

What I truly enjoy photographing is texture and honesty, regardless of the medium - this is what makes shooting live events, job sites, and commercial businesses so invigorating. Capturing the honest and fleeting moments for someone can transform the way they experienced an event. While framing space, products, and employees of a commercial space can capture the heart and soul of an institution. In my opinion, these concepts make for the most honest and inviting photos; they truly make the viewer feel that they are welcome to "enter the moment". 

I HAVE BEEN LUCKY to work WITH SOME FANTASTIC clients, find out what they have to say