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If you're seeking a real estate photographer who brings a blend of relaxed professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, look no further. Let's work together to capture the true essence of your Seattle homes and showcase their irresistible allure.

As a northwest native, I am well familiarized with its distinctive architectural styles and breathtaking landscapes, and I'm here to ensure that every image reflects the essence of your property. Whether it's a cozy craftsman in Ballard, a modern loft in Capitol Hill, or a waterfront retreat in West Seattle, I understand the importance of showcasing each home's individuality.

As a laid-back photographer, I bring a relaxed energy to every shoot. I want you and your clients to feel comfortable, allowing the true character of the home to shine through. I believe that a stress-free environment leads to authentic and captivating photographs that resonate with potential buyers. But don't let my laid-back approach fool you—I'm meticulous when it comes to capturing the details. I pay careful attention to composition, lighting, and angles to ensure that every room is showcased at its best; my approach to rea estate photography is to create images that truly reflect the best aspects of the property, leaving no “surprises” that may deter unsuspecting potential buyers on their walk-through. From the warm glow of natural light streaming through the windows to the carefully curated interior design elements, I capture it all, creating an inviting atmosphere that invites viewers to envision themselves in the space. I value collaboration and open communication. Your input and vision are important to me, and I'm here to ensure that the photographs align with your marketing goals. Together, we'll create a visual narrative that resonates with your target audience and attracts potential buyers. Contact me today, and let's embark on a fun and successful listing journey together!

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I value transparency, flexibility, and integrity when it comes to delivering my services. I understand the importance of clarity and honesty in the photography industry, which is why I strive to provide you with straightforward information and pricing options that fit your needs. This is why I display my pricing directly on my website; No hidden fees or mark-ups, just me and the prices you see here.


For exceptional quality and a seamless experience that exceeds your expectations, I usually like to discuss your project directly and provide you with a custom quote. 




Base Rate

Base rate correlates to list price of the property:

Under $1MM - $200

$1 MM-  $1.9 MM - $300

$2 MM -  $2.9 MM - $400

$3 MM -  $3.9 MM - $500

24-Hour turn-around standard for all packages


Add On Services

2D Floorplan

0-1500 sf. - $100

1501-3000 sf. - $125

3001 - 4500 sf. - $150

3D Matterport Tour 

0-1500 sf. - $150

1501-3000 sf. - $200

3001 - 4500 sf. - $250

Virtual Twilight Conversion 


Return Trip for Twilight 


Virtual Staging 

Starting at $25

Early Morning Rush Delivery (8am) 



Photo Charge

$6 per photo


Fire in Fireplace

Green Grass

 TV image

Blue Sky

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Logo Mark_light gold_edited.png


Want to know more about what I do?

Find out more about my process for photographing real estate below where you will find some of the questions that I am most frequently asked, and how I tackle them.




I've got a decent camera and know the industry better than anyone, why should I hire a professional photographer?


I would ask another question: What is your time worth? Real estate agents are busy and the limited availability of their time itself makes it an incredibly valuable resource. Clever realtors know when to outsource and get exactly what they want the FIRST time. In terms of skill set, the value of an experienced photographer cannot be understated, but having one who has additional experience as a stager and architectural photographer can really get you the best bang for your buck.


Why should I hire you over another real estate photographer? 


For a lot of reasons, it just depends on how you prioritize your values. Do you value a photographer whose is flexible when plans need to change? Here I am! Do you value your photographer having knowledge in the industry both as a photographer as well as a stager? Look no further! Do you value having quality photos that look and feel TRUE to the spaec? I've got you covered! Do you value a photographer who wants to share your vision and collaborate efficiently? Hi, I’m Katie, it’s nice to meet you! – Did I mention that I’m truly passionate about real estate photography and also crazy laid back?


I'm working on a limited budget, why should I go with a freelance photographer over the 'big guys'?


As team members of the same industry, we both understand and respect the value of quality work in the real estate industry. You are up against 1% listing fees and therefore have to go even more than the extra mile these days – the photographers see and feel it too! We can all do our part to support quality representation in the industry at a fair price. If you’ll notice, I have structured my pricing based on the value of the home, this is to ensure you are paying for photos at a cost that is relative to your commission.



What important information do you like to have before shooting real estate?

Like most photographers, I have my own personal style, but I also like to know if the agent or owner has any preferences for specifics like how many walls they want showing in a photo, etc. I like to know how many photos you would like, which add-on services you need, and anything else about the property that you like me to highlight, and inversely, if there is anything you’d prefer I didn’t capture. I will also need to know rules of entry like door codes, lock box combinations, and whether or not any pets or owners will be present in the home.


How long does it take to photograph a home?


A typical home under 3,000 sf typically takes me about 45 minutes for photos only, however this can change depending on the condition the property is in (in terms of being photo ready), how many photos you would like, and how much bigger the property is. If we are adding a 2D floorplan this can add up to 20 min, and for a Matterport tour, this can add an hour or more depending on the size of the home.


Is there anything that I can do to help get the property “photo ready”?


I’m so glad you asked! I have a checklist that I like to provide to my clients and their owners at least a day in advance to assist in this process. Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to send this your way!



How quickly will I receive my photos?

I have a standard 24 turn around time with photos, and an option to add an early morning next day rush delivery (before 8am) for a small fee.


Are there any special techniques or equipment you utilize to get the job done that are specific to Real Estate?


My goal when shooting a property is to make it as realistic to the true size, colors and “feel” of the actual space as possible. In my experience, this creates the most honest experience for potential clients and their expectations. There are a million ways to shoot a property; I prefer to utilize HDR (High Dynamic Range). In this technique, we capture multiple bracketed shots of a single angle with varying degrees of exposure, then we blend these photos together to get the best possible exposure of all the highlights, shadows, saturation and more. For those clients looking to boost their package and grab some lifestyle shots for social media etc., I typically shoot single exposure with flash where needed.


Scheduling is quick AND easy! 

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