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Just imagine that you have access to an experienced construction photographer with not only a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, but a passion for the work that you do specifically – and this photographer gets to apply their knowledge and passion to their work, keeping a mindful approach to some of your strongest core values: like safety and compliance, DEI(diversity, equity & inclusion), and a strong and capable public-facing image. From the owner to the end user - through photography, we can deliver them a compounding legacy that they can be proud of; a story of their project that is worthy of a thousand words. And in doing so, we can secure a more poignant recapitulation of the merit of the work you have done for them.


I am that photographer - and I want to be the one to capture the significance of the work that you’re doing through exceptional construction storytelling.

I have the privilege of working with some exceptional contractors and government entities right now, but I am always looking for my next biggest challenge and I could be your new secret weapon in the field.

As your construction photographer, you can expect more than just pictures. I'm here to deliver a visual experience that leaves a lasting impact. With my boots-on-the-ground approach to photography, I meticulously compose each shot to highlight the architectural marvels your team has created, capturing the play of light and shadow that emphasizes the depth and dimension of your projects. Collaboration is at the heart of my process. I believe in working closely with you to understand your objectives, so that together we can create imagery that aligns perfectly with your vision. Your input is invaluable, and I value our partnership as we embark on this creative journey together. With a decade of hands-on experience, I understand the demands of the construction industry – the deadlines, the challenges, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. That's why I bring professionalism and a reliable and keen eye for quality and compliance. I'm committed to exceeding your expectations and helping you showcase your projects with confidence and pride. Choosing the right construction photographer is an important decision. So, let me assure you that my passion for this craft runs deep. I'm dedicated to capturing the spirit of your projects, to immortalizing the hard work, passion, and innovation that go into every construction endeavor. Let's bring your construction projects to life through my lens. Together, we'll reveal the artistry and magnificence that lies within. Contact me today, and let's embark on a photographic journey that will truly do justice to your remarkable creations.



Strength & Progress

Designed to help contractors capture their capabilities and track project progress, this boots-on-the-ground approach focuses on capturing feasibility, engineering strength, employee personability and even schedule development.


single site visit, max. of 1 hour on-site and 10 single exposure images and up to 3 HDR images


Additional on-site hours $100/hr.

Additional photos $25 per image



Full Brand Enhancement

Designed to provide  comprehensive web content.  We will capture 3 finished projects at separate locations or 1 single location. (1 "project" is defined as a single space or service). Additionally, we will capture detail and aesthetic stock images, or company personnel in action.


Up to 3 site visits

max. of 1 hour on site per visit


15 HDR images (5 per vsiit)


15 single exposure images

(5 per vsiit)





Residential Portfolio Boost

Designed for residential contractors to provide stunning images to give their portfolio a polished professional look. We will capture 5 HDR images of a single completed project.


1 single site visit

max. of 1 hour on site


10 single exposure images


5 HDR Images



Portfolio Showcase


This is where hard work pays off! Designed specifically for commercial clients to provide stunning images for their portfolio and online publishing platforms with a more polished and professional look. We will capture up to 15 images of a single completed project.


1 site visit

max. of 2 hour on site per visit


15 HDR or 15 single exposure images





 Additional on-site hours: $100/hr.

Additional photos:

Single Exposure $25

HDR $30

All rates listed herein apply to general construction photography, internal circulation, and publishing. Photos requiring commercial publishing and licensing may be quoted alternately. Please contact Katie directly for a custom quote.



Specifically Designed to help contractors meet contract requirements outlined in 01 32 33 - Photographs & Videos as it applies to each individual contract. Starting at $500 per month. Please contact Katie directly for a custom quote that meets your individual contract requirements. 

Quality Service backed by a Washington State Agency
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In addition to being licensed and insured, Katie Morton Photography has been certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Small Business (SBE) through OMWBE ( Washington State Office of Minority & Women Business Enterprises) as well as King County SCS (Small Contractor Supplier). OMWBE is an agency dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in public contracting and procurement for businesses owned by minorities, women, and people facing systemic disadvantages. They actively develop and practice cultural competency in their work with customers, communities, and team members. This business is a proud OMWBE member, committed to providing top-quality service to its clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.



Expertly capture the beauty and craftsmanship of your architectural marvels, showcasing the interplay of form, function, and elegance that make your projects truly extraordinary. With an unrivaled eye for detail and a passion for capturing the unique details of your construction projects, trust Katie Morton Photography to deliver breathtaking visual narratives that tell the story of your creations.


I am a photographer specializing in construction and architectural photography. I have been a photographer since 2016, and hold 10 years of experience working in construction for a wide variety of federal, state, and local municipalities across the United States. I now service a wide variety of clients in varying industries including construction, commercial, real estate, and marketing. I use my dynamic range of skills, knowledge, and experience in these industries to capture photos from an application-based approach (i.e. project write-up, internal and external circulation, social media and press release, etc.)by considering the overall scope, personnel, and magnitude of a project.


I help clients capture photos that do justice to the quality and magnitude of the work they provide. From monthly progress photos, pre-construction and post-construction photos, to your final commercial shots; I've got you covered. 


Strengths & Advantages

  • Ability to communicate with a wide variety of clients with various needs

  • Dynamic skill set spanning multiple applications (commercial, real estate, marketing, construction & more)

  • Flexibility in scheduling as a sole proprietor

  • Certified Woman Owned Small Business registered in a multitude of agencies (see 'At A Glance')

Unique Qualities

  • A decades worth of first hand experience in the construction industry

  • Ability to understand and differential trades, project scope, and liability when photographing a jobsite

  • Knowledge, safety, and comfortability photographing in a construction environment

  • An artistic background combined with a passion for construction creates a distinctive stylistic approach

At A Glance


711510, 541921, 541922, 561990



WEBS Commodity Codes



604 831 528

King County SCS



WBE (women's business enterprise):


DBE (disadvantaged business enterprise): D2F0027878

SBE (small business enterprise, WA STATE DES): 21358918


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Logo Mark_light gold_edited.png


Want to know more about what I do?

Find out more about my process for photographing construction below where you will find some of the questions that I am most frequently asked, and how I tackle them.





I've got a project manager on-site with a decent camera that takes our project photos, why should I hire a professional construction photographer?

There's an old saying: “When the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.” Project managers are busy and expensive, the last thing you want ruining your overhead budget is having them fumble around with complicated equipment pumping out photos that showcase all of the wrong things about your job site. In terms of skill set, the value of an experienced photographer cannot be understated, but having one who is also comfortable on a construction site, can really get you the best bang for your buck. Beyond the equipment, I bring even more value to the table with my knowledge and experience in the construction industry as it has given me a keen eye for capturing the strength, capability, knowledge, and experience of a contractor in action - all doing so with keeping safety and compliance in the forefront of my mind.


Why should I hire you over another photographer? What special experiences, knowledge or skills do you have that provide you with an advantage shooting in a construction environment?


For a lot of reasons, it just depends on how you prioritize your values. Do you value a photographer who is as flexible as your 3-week look ahead? Here I am! Do you value your photographer having knowledge and experience in heavy construction? Look no further! Do you value having quality photos that can be used for everything from your project progress tracking to portfolio and publication? I've got you covered! Do you value safety and compliance on and off your job site? Hi, I'm Katie, it's nice to meet you! Experience-wise, I spent almost a decade working for a high-industrial work contractor under contract for various entities from County to USACE, Bureau of Reclamation, Seattle City Light, and countless municipalities. I have experience in a variety of positions from vetting and drafting government contracts and proposals to project management and support. My biggest "hat" was working as a certified health and safety professional (CHST) which taught me firsthand the value of a good safety program. The last we want is to have your well-established safety program come crumbling down with one cellphone photographer on the job site, unknowingly taking a photo of “what not to do on a construction site”, and then posting it for the world to see.



My superintendents don't have time to wrangle a photographer on the jobsite - Can I trust you to make your way through the jobsite without direct supervision?

Absolutely! I spent 10 years working for a contractor as a safety manager, so above all else, I understand the importance of safety on the job site. I am very comfortable working in and around heavy construction. Relationships and communication are key to a safe work environment so when I arrive on site, I like to have my superintendents give me a brief safety orientation and take 5-10 min to walk the job with me, and show me any "go" - "no-go" areas. If am working around any heavy equipment operators, I make it a point to introduce myself and establish constant visual communication. From there on out, I am usually off on my own.


I'm working on a limited overhead budget, how will you know what to shoot that day?


We can discuss your photography needs and budget during our initial consultation. After that, I work directly with your "person in charge" (this could be you, your project manager, owner, graphic designer, marketing director etc.) and we decide what should be my photo focus for that shoot. This could be anything from a scope overview to a specific operation taking place, job site personnel, candid action shots, and beyond. I make it a point to be patient but efficient when shooting to make sure we make the most of your time and budget.



I am super busy and don't really have time to schedule another contractor on my jobsite - how do you typically schedule your shoots?

I like to make every process efficient and effortless. so let me take over that "back burner" project for you. After our initial consult, I will take stock of your current project list and your direct contacts for those job sites(usually a PM or superintendent). Then I can ping you or that site contact in regularly scheduled intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and schedule a shoot directly with them.



I'm trying to cut down on paperwork - If I have you out to my job for weekly progress pictures, how frequently will you invoice me?

Again, let's strive for efficiency! Most of my clients have me visiting multiple jobs on at least a monthly basis so for clients with multiple regular site visits, I invoice on a monthly basis. For a one-off project showcase I will invoice upon delivery of photos.


Of course you are - put me to work

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