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Speaking on no authority whatsoever.

I started this blog as a place to share my experiences and offer folks a different way to get to know me through my passions. I am a self-professed tinkerer by nature, and I have spent most of my life glomming onto various sports, hobbies and trades, figuring out how things work. Through photography I get to capture what other people can do, and as a jill of all trades I get to satiate my curiosities about what I can do. I approach life with passion and humility; I try to live with gratitude and go full-assed (never half-assed) into whatever I put my mind to. Most who know me may see a confident and thoughtful person; I am also a person who feels a lot of feelings, and feels them immensely. I have learned to take responsibility for my emotional energy, and be mindful of how (for better or for worse) my expressions affect the world around me. Therefor I have never been super keen on openly sharing my thoughts, feelings and opinions to a broad audience, it just seems like, well, kind of extra. And aside from the moments when my silence would have said more than words, I generally save these parts of me for mutually exchanged energy one-on-one over cocktails, or, with my endlessly emotionally patient husband/partner. But the older I get, the more I find myself gravitating toward yet another thing to tinker with, and that would be writing. Knowing full well that I may be opening the proverbial pandoras box of mind-fuckery to myself and the world, I feel like I've got my shit together at least enough to share some stories, maybe some tears, and hopefully a few laughs to anyone that shares the same curiosities as I do for life and the people we get to share it with. So that being said, speaking on absolutely no authority whatsoever, I give you: boots and irons; stories from construction, photography, music, golf, and the lot.

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